What is your refund policy?

Registration Refunds

Below are the WYF refund dates and rates. Use the Contact page to request a refund. Refunds will be in the form of a check made out to the individual who registered the player.

If the season is fully cancelled (games and practices) due to Covid 19, refunds will be available. 

  • Skills and Drills
    • 50% refundable until July 1st
    • No refunds provided after July 1st
  • Tackle Football
    • 95% refundable until July 1st
    • 50% refundable after July 1st
    • No refunds after August 1st
  • Flag Football
    • 95% refundable until July 1st
    • 50% refundable after July 1st
    • No refunds after August 1st
Is financial assistance available?

Yes! Please use the Contact Us form regarding financial limitations. A player will never be turned down due to lack of funds. 

Why do we have to register for the season so early?

We open registration every year in the spring to allow time to build teams, coaching staffs, secure practice fields, order equipment and reserve game fields.  

What information do I need to register my player?

In addition to the standard contact information, you will need Health Insurance policy information, player weight and waist size. 

Do I need a TeamSnap account to register my player?

Yes. The registration process will guide you to login to your existing account, or prompt to create a new account. 

We're excited to provide every team in our league with a Teamsnap account. Keep the Teamsnap app on your phone to stay fully informed. 

How are tackle football rosters built?

At Waukee Youth Football, we build our teams in a balanced manor. Within each grade, players are divided into four weight classes and then drafted by pulling numbers from a hat.

How are flag rosters built?

New in 2020, Flag Football roster building will mirror our tackle football program. 

  • Each team will have one Head Coach and a maximum of four assistant coaches.
  • When completing the coaching registration, selecting the Head Coach position will activate the option to name FOUR "Free Agents."
    • Free Agents Are: 
      • Assistant Coach and their player
      • A stand alone player
  • Head Coaches may request to swap a player or coach prior to teams being drafted.
  • Requests to exceed four Free Agents will be not be considered. 
  • The remaining roster spots will be filled by balancing the number of players per grade. When possible, players will be placed on teams with one or more players from their elementary school. 
Can teams choose their own practice location?

Practice location is mandated by Waukee Youth Football and shown on the Locations page of the website. 

The Waukee High School / Middle School campus is centrally located and most importantly, the Fire and Police station that are seconds away in case of an emergency. 

If you are given a different location, use the Contact page to request clarification.

Do I need to have a Head Coach before registering as an Assistant Coach?

No! We welcome anyone to sign up to coach, regardless of already having a Head Coach for your team. The board will assign all coaches to a team as roster space allows.