League Locations

Covid 19 Game Location Policies

Game locations throughout Mid-Iowa Youth Football will follow policies very similar to that of Waukee Stadium. Please come prepared with the expectations that masks will be required, along with social distancing of 6 feet per group and seating in groups of 4 people or less.

Waukee Stadium Guidelines

  1. Masks are required by fans and coaches
  2. Each group of 4 or less should sit on "W" stickers placed on bleachers throughout home side stands.
  3. Concession stand is Credit / Debit card only. Signatures or Pin #'s are not required for purchases under $50 on major cards.

Waukee Youth Football Locations

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Waukee Stadium

Park Road, Waukee IA


Middle School

6501 NW 62nd Ave

Valley Stadium

Valley & Roosevelt

4400 Mills Civic Pkwy


Lincoln High School

2600 SW 9th St


North High

501 Holcomb Ave

SE Polk

Spring Creek

7600 NE 38th Ave


Prairie Ridge

1510 NW Ash Drive


Dowling High

1400 Buffalo Rd

Waukee Youth Football Offices and Equipment Shed

Waukee Youth Football Practice Locations

Locations are pre-determined by board. 5th - 7th grade may vary as needed based on activities at Waukee Stadium


Waukee Youth Football Skills & Drills Camp

Please follow drop off procedures outlined on the Skills & Drills page

S&D Map