Tackle Football


  • Tackle players must record their weight to be placed on a roster. Weights ensure ball carrier limits are followed and are used to build equitably sized teams.
  • Dates: July 12th, July 14th, July 19th, July 21st
  • Location: Waukee High School Practice Fields
  • Time: 8:00 PM after Skills & Drills

Equipment Check Outs

  • Equipment check-outs are by appointment. A link will be sent in advance to make reservations. Expect late July and early August weekend time slots. 
  • Coaches will receive their equipment and team's practice jerseys at the mandatory pre-season meeeting


Waukee Youth Football values learning leadership, teamwork, cooperation and fundamentals above fully pre-built rosters. 

  • Our rosters that are inclusive of both best friends and new faces. This league is designed for players to have fun, learn the fundamentals at an early age, and show what they have learned on game day!
  • Drafts are conducted in-person, with each team represented by their Head Coach and two board members leading the draft.
  • Player weights are used to create four weight classes (Light, Middle Light, Middle Heavy and Heavy). An equal number of players from each weight class are drafted to each team.
  • Each coach’s players are then assigned to the appropriate teams and counted toward the team’s number of players for the appropriate weight class.
  • The remaining players are then drafted by weight class, using numbers pulled from a hat by each team's Head Coach.


  • Practices for the 2021 season begin week of August 16th. 


  • Attendance is mandatory for the safety of your player and their teammates. Please contact the board with questions prior to registering if necessary.
  • Prior to the first game, teams will practice four times per week. After the first game, practices will take place three times per week. In 7th Grade, teams may practice four times per week through the season. 
  • Head Coach sets the days and times to fit their availability. Practices are a maximum of two hours, excluding water breaks. 
  • 3rd and 4th Grade teams will practice at Waukee Middle School. 5th - 7th will practice behind Waukee High School or next to Waukee Stadium. Coaches will communicate their assigned location in advance.  
  • The League President will cancel activities for inclement weather as needed 

What To Wear To Your First 5 Practices

  • Practice #1 and #2: Helmet, Practice Jersey, Shorts, Cleats & Mouthpiece 
  • Practice #3, #4 and #5: Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Practice Jersey, Shorts, Cleats & Mouthpiece
  • Players must complete each of these dress-outs individually. If a practice is missed, the player continues where they left off in the heat acclimatization process. 



  • Game schedules will be posted to TeamSnap during the first week of practice and available to the public on our "Schedules" page. 
  • Mid-Iowa mandates a minimum of 15 plays per game for each player. At Waukee, we expect coaches to achieve the minimum prior to the end of the first half. Also at Waukee, coaches are expected to assign each player a starting position if number of players on the roster is 22 or less.
  • Tackle Games take place at noon or later on Saturday's and Sundays. 
  • Opening weekend is September 11th and games will take place for six consecutive weeks. 
  • Playoff qualifying teams will be placed in a 4 team bracket, with 1 game during the week and championship games on the final weekend of games. 


  • All coaching positions are reviewed and approved or re-approved each season by the Waukee Youth Football Board prior to teams being assigned. Compliance with the Code of Conduct, respect for referees, players, parents and league officials is of upmost importance. All coaches are expected to understand and follow Mid-Iowa Youth Football League rules, especially those specific to their division. 
  • Staffs are comprised of one Head Coach and up to four assistant coaches. Assistants may be selected by the head coach in advance, or assigned by the board. You do not need to have a pre-planned staff to register as a coach.
  • Coaches complete the USA Football Certification Course and background check. 
  • The league conducts a mandatory pre-season coaches clinic, typically on Sunday evening late July or early August (60 minutes). Date will be set at a later date.



At Waukee Youth Football, Our Players Wear The Best Youth Football Equipment On The Market and are the best equipped players in Des Moines!

League equipment is to be returned in good condition, with normal wear and tear. Learn more about Player Safety.

Replacement costs are as follows:

  • $150 Helmet
  • $100 Shoulder Pads
  • $100 Game Jersey
  • $025 Football Pants
  • $025 Chin Strap

Players are responsible for providing

  • Half Gallon or larger Water Jug
  • Cleats
  • Compression shorts or athletic style Boxer Briefs are highly recommended
  • One mouthpiece per player will be provided

Pants and Practice Jersey Sizes

  • Pants: To help us estimate needs prior to equipment check-out, pant size will be asked on the registration form. Players will still try on pants at equipment check-out and receive the size that fits best. 
  • Practice Jersey: The registration form will also include a selection for Practice Jersey size. Unlike pants, this selection is final. Players will receive the size that is selected for their practice jersey. 
  • Adjustments: If you would like to make an adjustment after completing your registration form, please use the Contact Us form to request. We will do our best to accommodate if possible. 

Code of Conduct


  • Respect Your Player. Show positive encouragement, support and excitement in their efforts and role within their team.
  • Respect Coaches. Allow them to lead the team and help players understand the importance of working together toward a common goal.
  • Respect Trainers. Their decisions are final in all matters of players health and injuries.
  • Respect Officials. Use your voice to cheer for your player and their team.
  • Respect Opponents. Do not criticize an opposing team, its players, fans or coaches.
  • Respect Youth Sports. Profanity and poor sportsmanship through words or actions is never allowed and cause for immediate removal.
  • Only certified coaches and players playing in the current game permitted through the field gates and on the sidelines of home and away games. This applies to tackle and flag football.


  • Football is a GAME, have FUN!
  • Learn teamwork, commitment and perseverance.
  • Show politeness, respect, self-control and integrity at football, at home and at school.
  • School ALWAYS comes first! Plan to achieve success at school and football.
  • Take pride in caring for your equipment.