Flag Football


Kindergarten & First Grade Flag Football

  • Early childhood football football concepts, positions, rules, communication and teamwork.

2nd Grade Flag Football

  • Continued age appropriate football concepts including positions, formations, rules, communication and teamwork.

3rd Grade Padded Flag Transitional Football

  • Introduction of shoulder pads and helmets with shorts and flags. Waukee players are equipped with the best equipment on the market and in Des Moines. 
  • Equipment provides protection as players become bigger and faster, while still learning to control their bodies and momentum.
  • Development focused on fundamentals, including safely approaching a ball carrier, Heads-Up blocking and more.



  • Waukee Youth Football values learning leadership, teamwork, cooperation and fundamentals above fully pre-built rosters. 
  • Waukee Youth Football allows those registering as a Head Coach to start a roster with up to 5 friends (includes their own player). Remaining spots are then filled with both new and familiar faces. 
  • Head Coach requests are filled first and remaining spots are filled by grouping elementary schools when possible. In the K - 1st division, the number of players per grade are equivalent across each roster.  
  • Registering as a Head Coach allows you to request up to 4 additional friends and/or assistant coaches to build the foundation of your roster.


  • All Kindergarten through 3rd Grade teams will practice at Waukee Middle School's field on the north side of the school. This provides a central location for all families on your team.
  • Practices are a maximum of once weekly for 60 minutes.
  • Teams may begin practices the week of August 16th.
  • Your Head Coach will set the teams practice day and time based on their availability.
  • Each team's coaching staff will communicate through a league assigned TeamSnap account. Parents should all keep the app on your phone to stay updated on communications, roster assignments, prcatices and game schedules.


  • All flag games are held in Waukee Stadium
  • Games begin at 9:00 AM and continue on the hour until all teams have played. We continue to expand the number of teams each season, however we expect all games to be completed by 2:00 PM.  
  • Opening weekend is September 12th and games continue for six consecutive Saturdays. 
  • All players will receive equal playing time and rotate positions equally within each individual game.
  • Players, Coaches and Spectators are always expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct signed during registration and outlined below. 


  • We are a 100% volunteer, non-profit organization, reliant on incredible volunteers from within our community to coach and run this outstanding league.
  • Waukee Youth Football Flag Football Coaches complete the USA Football Flag Certification and background check prior to beginning practices (online, 60 - 90 minutes).
  • The league conducts a mandatory pre-season coaches clinic, typically on Sunday evening late July or early August (60 minutes). Date will be set at a later date.
  • Game jerseys and coach equipment bags will be passed out following the flag coach meeting.
  • Head Coach registration forms include fields to request up to 4 additional friends or Assistant Coaches. Please consider volunteering and recruiting help for your team to maintain a low player-to-coach ratio and provide players with our full support as they learn to play football.


  • 3rd Grade Padded Flag Football players will pick up equipment by appointment. The link is provided on the registration confirmation page and will be emailed to registrants this summer as well. 
  • Players will be provided with game jerseys, game shorts, flags and mouth guards.
  • Players provide their own cleats or shoes and water bottle (please print name on all sides).
  • Coach's will be provided with cones, extra mouthguards, extra flags and footballs. Everything your team will need for the season. 
  • All flag divisions will use Pee-Wee size footballs.
  • Long sleeves and winter hats are allowed in the cold. Please avoid hoodies if possible or tuck the hood inside of their jersey. We don't want a defender grabbing it on accident.
  • Each player will keep their flags. Please print their name on the belt with permenant marker and trim it to length for safety.

Code of Conduct


  • Respect Your Player. Show positive encouragement, support and excitement in their efforts and role within their team.
  • Respect Coaches. Allow them to lead the team and help players understand the importance of working together toward a common goal.
  • Respect Trainers. Their decisions are final in all matters of players health and injuries.
  • Respect Officials. Use your voice to cheer for your player and their team.
  • Respect Opponents. Do not criticize an opposing team, its players, fans or coaches.
  • Respect Youth Sports. Profanity and poor sportsmanship through words or actions is never allowed and cause for immediate removal.
  • Only certified coaches and players playing in the current game permitted through the field gates and on the sidelines of home and away games. This applies to tackle and flag football.


  • Football is a GAME, have FUN!
  • Learn teamwork, commitment and perseverance.
  • Show politeness, respect, self-control and integrity at football, at home and at school.
  • School ALWAYS comes first! Plan to achieve success at school and football.
  • Take pride in caring for your equipment.