Player Safety

Waukee Youth Football is a proud partner of USA Football.  This comprehensive program advances player safety in the game of football and All Waukee Coaches are USA Football Certified.

Heads Up Tackling

  • A step-by-step protocol to teach the core principles of tackling, setting a new standard in player safety. Heads up utilizes five fundamentals, reenforced with a series of drills to ensure proper mechanics and teach players how to tackle with a focus on reducing helmet contact.

Heads Up Blocking

  • USA Football’s Heads Up Blocking teaches players how to properly engage with a defender, drive with the legs and maintain the correct body position for effective and safer play.

Sports Trainers At All Games

  • Waukee Youth Football has partnered with Absolute Performance Therapy to provide our competitors with a certified trainer at all games


  • All members of the Mid Iowa Youth Football League must provide a trainer at their home game locations for game days.

Player safety is a core component of our mission at Waukee Youth Football. All equipment is outfitted to each individual player and fully maintained to manufacturer recomendations. Coaches are trained by USA Football in proper care and maintaince of player equipment. Players learn how to responsibly care for their equipment throughout the season.


Riddell Pursuit Shoulder Pads

  • Shoulder pad design that sits low across the player’s shoulder,
    minimizing interference with the rotational range of the helmet.
  • Rigid belts route forces away from the point of impact by converting the entire arch into a large-scale, shock absorbing system. Open cell foam protects the deltoid during contact.
  • Attachment system using high strength nylon clips to increase
    the ease of putting on and securing a shoulder pad.

Riddell Speed Classic Helmets

  • Made With High Strength Spring Stainless Steel for a thinner and lighter, high performance face mask with improved sightlines and field vision for the athlete.
  • Research-based mandible protection helps reduce the forces from side impacts. Technology feature consists of side shell extensions combined with side liner extensions.