When You Play At Waukee, You're Equipped With The Best Equipment In Des Moines!

  • Investing in premium player equipment is a non-negotiable priority for Waukee Youth Football.
  • All players are equipped with premium equipment. We're committed to putting our players in the best pads and helmets for youth football!

Heads Up Tackling

  • Waukee Youth Football is a proud partner of USA Football.  This comprehensive program advances player safety in the game of football and All Waukee Coaches are USA Football Certified.
  • Our coaches teach USA Football's step-by-step protocol of tackling, setting a new standard in player safety. Heads up utilizes five fundamentals, reenforced with a series of drills to ensure proper mechanics and teach players how to tackle with a focus on reducing helmet contact.

Heads Up Blocking

  • USA Football’s Heads Up Blocking teaches players how to properly engage with a defender, drive with the legs and maintain the correct body position for effective and safer play.

Certified Athletic Trainers At All Games

  • Waukee Youth Football has partnered with Absolute Performance Therapy in Waukee to provide a certified athletic trainer at all games. 
  • All members of the Mid-Iowa Youth Football League must provide certified trainers for games.